New Generation Diesel Power Pill FE3+

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New Generation Diesel Power Pill FE3+

New Generation Diesel Power Pill FE3+

This sensational power pill is hydrocarbon compatible, therfore it is a fuel conditioner, and is not an additive that could leave residue buildup. Developed from many years of advanced scientific research combustion technology, FE3 has been shown to be a powerful and effective combustion catalyst.

Normally fuel ignities in the combustion chamber but not all is burned completely, and passes out the exhaust system as poisonous emissions. This is fuel that you have paid a high price for! Power Pill FE3+ unique catalytic action speeds up and enhances the combustion process increasing power, and/or fuel economy, and reduces harmful emissions.

The exclusive formulation triggers a cleaning action for the complete fuel system, including injectors, and also lubricates to reduce engine wear. The Power Pill FE3+ formulation acts as a lead substitute in older engines protecting against valve recession and redusing combustion chamber carbon deposits.

PowerPill is a highly-refined pure petroleum product of exceptional quality, with an atomic structure composed of long hydrocarbon chains (H60+C30+). PowerPill is made from a high-vacuum, high-temperature distillation process, way beyond the usual refining practices. (By comparison octane rated petrol is a far less refined product). PowerPill is made by New Image International under U. S. Lubricants International. PowerPill and Micro PowerPill (for smaller engines) are supplied in a convenient, easy-to-store tablet form. The tablets dissolve completely in fuel to promote cleaner burning engines.

The main benefits of using the PowerPill are:

  1. Reduces exhaust smoke, emissions.
  2. Increases engine power.
  3. Improves fuel economy.
  4. Cleans injectors, carburettors and entire fuel system.
  5. Promotes more complete fuel combustion.
  6. Easier start-up for seldom used engines.
  7. Lubricates and conditions valves, pistons and rings.
  8. Absolutely safe - cannot damage any type of engine.
  9. Acts as a lead substitute

Quantity: 10 Pills per Pack. Note use 2 pills on your first use then 1 pill each refill of your fuel tank, see back of pack for details.

Backed by a NZ$10,000,000.00 Guarantee***

*** The makers of Power Pill FE3+ Fuel Conditioner guarantee this product is safe for use in all petrol and diesel applications. This guarantee is backed by up with a NZ $10,000,000 insurance policy for any single claim proving engine damage is caused by product usage.



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